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Sojourn 1: Inspired by Uganda

We’re in post-production on A NOTE OF HOPE, but we’re pleased to release this new music video from the live solo recording, Sumi Tonooka: NOW. In this video, Sumi discusses the influence of her trip with our film crew to Uganda and how it inspired her to write this song, “Sojourn 1.” Watch the video by clicking on “read more.”

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About the Film

Music reveals a lot about a culture’s values–what it celebrates, what it tolerates. A NOTE OF HOPE explores this theme as part music appreciation and part social-purpose documentary. It exists comfortably at this intersection because it explores the cultural legacy of one of the earliest American art forms: the Negro spiritual, music that was the soundtrack of the abolition and civil rights movements. These are songs of faith and hope in the midst of suffering, songs that are still relevant today.

Believing that music should be used to lift up humanity, A NOTE OF HOPE follows the journey of five American jazz musicians who are musical ambassadors for the cause of children left parentless by HIV/AIDS in Africa. These musicians recast the spirituals into the jazz genre, and then — following the example of those who came before them — give of their time and talents to draw attention to those who still suffer today. Read more