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Welcome to A Note of Hope!

Sharing stories of bravery, strength, and hope, we are a project dedicated to giving the chronic illness community a voice.

At the heart of our platform is Ellie, our founder, who draws inspiration from her personal experience with chronic illness. Motivated by a desire to create a space for individuals to share their journeys, Ellie conducts interviews with people living with long-term health conditions from across the world.

Ellie Howe

Creator and author of 'A Note of Hope'

Diagnosed with multiple chronic health conditions at sixteen, read our founder Ellie's inspiring story and the inspiration behind the A Note of Hope project.

The Interview process


We offer a range of options to ensure as many people as possible feel confident sharing their stories with us. Whether its through a relaxed video call, completing a written questionnaire at your own pace, or even meeting in person for a chat (for those near London, UK!), we prioritise your comfort and flexibility during our interviews. 

Ellie, a passionate writer and storyteller, will then meticulously craft each interview into a journalistic-style article, ensuring authenticity and accuracy whilst honouring the unique experiences of each participant. Throughout this process, she maintains open communication and welcomes any feedback or adjustments to ensure that your story is portrayed truthfully and respectfully.

Every Friday, we release a new inspiring interview on our website and across our socials. By sharing not only the challenges and low points of living with a chronic illness but also highlighting the passions, hobbies, and achievements of each participant, we aim to inspire and offer hope to others facing similar circumstances.

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"Ellie is doing such incredible work, making people feel listened to when sometimes all they've been is ignored.
Keep going Ellie! You're an inspiration."
Positive feedback about the project from our inspiring interviewees and community
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